My lessons this year

My lessons this year
  1. Life is more important than anything else we may seek or desire
  2. Kindness is rare but one of the best gifts you can give anyone
  3. If you need help, ask for it
  4. The best formula for success is action
  5. Planning well in advance will save you a lot of energy
  6. No man is an island
  7. If you believe, all things are possible
  8. Whatever you work for is what will yield you results
  9. Your mind is your greatest asset (I keep relearning this every year hahaha)
  10. We all have something to give
  11. Acceptance is a remedy to most mental health problems
  12. Emotional intelligence is a great asset
  13. If you don’t try you will never know the outcome
  14. Don’t be afraid to dream
  15. No matter how many times you fall, if you can only rise one more time than the times you fell, you will never be down
  16. Most of our fears are only real in our minds
  17. Nobody makes anybody complete. Make sure you are whole before you involve anybody in your life.
  18. Therapy works. If something is weighing you down, find someone to talk to about it


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