Guard your heart

When the heart fails, life fails. No wonder why it is of utmost importance for us to protect our hearts. If character is what builds a man then surely our heart is important because it determines all our habits. You are a product sum of your heart because your heart broods the deeds that you do. All habits are centred in our hearts. No wonder why they say, the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart

Be conscious about what goes in into your heart. Be conscious about the thoughts that you nature in your heart and the imaginations in your heart. The greatest battles are not the ones we fight externally but the ones we fight internally, against our own mind and our own thoughts. A weak heart is life-threatening. That is what we daily feed our hearts. Therefore let your heart hold noble things and be health always.

How to keep a healthy heart

  1. Teach your heart to love truly

  2. Love freely without expecting anything in return

  3. Do not force your heart into emotional situations that makes it uncomfortable

You need to pay attention to your heart, do not force it into things that it does not want.

  1. Do not clutter your heart, only keep what you need to keep there and discard the rest

  2. Teach your heart to move on

Circumstances are gonna come when you will have to move on or let things go, your heart must be prepared for such because it is part of life.

  1. Teach your heart to master seasons.

There are times when you will have to open it and there are times when it has to close. Not knowing the 2 will cost you heavily. If you close your heart when it’s supposed to be open, you are gonna miss out on love.

If you open your heart when it’s supposed to be closed, you are gonna be hurt and disappointed.

  1. Guard your heart

A health heart helps you attain a healthy lifestyle but how do you guard your heart?

How to guard your heart

A lot of people carry guns, hire security companies to guard their houses 24/7 and even put cameras around their houses and their businesses to guard their possessions. Some even take self-defence classes to protect themselves physically. But how many are putting much effort to guard the most valued possession we have, our hearts?

Beyond learning to avoid situations that would bring physical pain, protect yourself from everything that may cause your heart emotional pain. Guard your heart.  To guard your heart means to protect your emotions. Not everything needs your reaction. Some things deserve your silence and some even demand you to just walk away. Do not expose your heart to circumstances that destabilise it.  Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

Unfortunately you cannot assign anyone with the duty to protect or guard your heart. Set yourself as a watchmen over your heart.  Protect it from anything that may disrupt its peace or cause it harm. But still have the ability to live fearlessly without caging it.

3 Reasons Why You Must Guard Your Heart

Your heart is the most important leadership tool you have. It is not your experience, knowledge, or skills. It is your heart that matters most of all.

Heart assaults are the greatest and most devastating assaults one can ever encounter, and only a few are able to survive them.

  1. It is your life

Only things that are worth are to be guarded and your heart is one of them. We don’t guard worthless things. Your heart is valuable because if it fails, your life fails. It is essence of who you are, a place where all your dreams and your desires lie. Therefore prioritize guarding your heart.

  1. It is your moral compass

All your actions emanate from your heart. Everything that flows to the surface, comes from this deep spring within you called your heart. It directs and guides you on what is wrong and what is right. You are dependent upon your heart for moral compass.

  1. It is constantly under attack

Most times, if someone wants to destroy you, they target your heart. If someone wants to shoot you, they target your heart that is the most critical organ on you. The same happens if someone wants to destroy you, they aim at your heart.

Our minds can only think but are unable to feel, we are mostly driven by our feelings which exist in our hearts. Our heart is the most important yet the most fragile organ we have, once broken, it is very hard to mend therefore, guard your heart with all diligence.

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